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Airtel wrong charges

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    Angry Airtel wrong charges

    I had activated a 1 gb free GPRS plan, but I have been charged Rs. 872 for Airtel GPRS even though the plan has been activated. The Customer support refuses to give a waiver for the amount of the GPRS, even though I am a subscriber of Airtel GPRS for more than 5 months.

    I strongly suggest users to be careful of subscription to internet packages of airtel. Have sms confirmations for everything you subscribe to. Don't rely only on the call centre representatives.

    Also note down every complaint number and request they tell you the number and DO NOT wait for the sms of the complaint number only.

    Airtel has a lot of issues with connectivity and on top of that they irritate customers with issues such as what I have stated.

    I strongly recommend going with Vodafone rather than Airtel. My friends who use Vodafone have not had any issues as of yet, and I know multiple people who have had multiple fights trying to sort out Airtel issues.

    Complaint numbers and interaction numbers are listed below.

    6th October 2011 : 39960215

    10th October 2011 : 946601342 (for unbilled usage, reference for call, not complaint)

    5th November 2011: 40429891 (Waiver of bill for internet)

    17th november interaction id : 962460270

    22nd November Gaurav 65112525

    22nd November msg from 121 :reference number F965113258

    22nd November msg from 121 :reference number F965112525

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    Save your time and energy.
    Change sim to prepaid. Recharge-Rs 333 is full talktime. Charge it once a month or two depending on usage.
    Rs 98 Gprs pack -recharge every month.You will never have this Gprs charging problems in future.
    Post paid are mostly screwed.

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    i to agree with airtel now customer are unhappy so i have changed my mobile network from airtel to other network its better to complaint on such company in consumer court so that it shuold shut down no proper consumer care at all and unwantedly charging high amount of money

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    @Ulysses : I think I'll shift entirely to Vodafone, if I'm going to go through the entire head ache of shifting to prepaid, I might as well shift away from the network. This is not the first issue I have had with airtel, and I'm tired of complaining every second month.
    From what I see, my friends with Vodafone have very little issues in comparison with me.

    Thanks for the info!

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