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Is Airtel 3G offering free facebook?

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    Default Is Airtel 3G offering free facebook?

    I know that some time ago Airtel had an offer of free facebook, but that was for a limited time period. The other day I opened my Facebook page on my mobile and when the summery appears it showed the data I used and the cost as being Rs0. I tried Facebook after some time and the same summary came up and also another indication was that my balance was not deducted, even though I have not activated 3G or 2G on my phone.
    Is Facebook free on Airtel?

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    Nothing is free on any network.

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    Yes Facebook was free for Airtel users some time ago, but I think it was for a certain amount of of usage and a limited period. After that I brought a data plan so don't know. Just to make sure you should call Airtel customer service and ask them, you don't want to be using Facebook for a long time and then find out that your balance has got deducted.

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    I think it is free, that's what the airtel advertisement shows. However, there might be terms and condition for free facebook on Airtel.

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    There are some packs for using the free Facebook on your mobiles.

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    yes i know Airtel Offering Free MB for Facebook, Whatsapp & Youtube. But can you update me How to activate this offer ?? If you know about it please update me.

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