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Airtel Call Manager Application

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    Default Airtel Call Manager Application

    Airtel will be soon launching their new application which is the Airtel Call Manager. The application will be available for both Android and iOS users and it will be available to be downloaded from the application manager. This application from Airtel is chargeable and in order to use the application you will have to pay Rs30 a month.

    Features of the application are as follows:

    Block List which allows you to block numbers from where you do not wish to receive calls from
    White List which allows all those in the list be able to call you
    Profile setting according to what you are doing, i.e busy, driving, travelling etc.
    Set profiles with a recorded message
    Ability to back up contacts and also restore them if lost

    Launch date of the Airtel Call Manager Application can be within a few days for Android users, but for iOS users the launch will take slightly longer.

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    You could do all of this on an Android any way. Why pay Airtel for it? You can blacklist numbers for calls and sms on Android very easily on the go. Airtel thinks we are silly and will spend money on anything they have to offer.

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