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Data usage counter app for Android

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    Default Data usage counter app for Android

    Just found a good app on Android market to keep track of your data usage for 2G/3G. In addition the best part of app which I really liked is: it doesn't include data usage on Wifi network. It's for pure 2G/3G usage

    here's the download link from Android Market
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    Android phones have a feature to check data usage. It shows the data used on a WiFi connection and the phone data as well.

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    Default Data usage on Android

    There is a fantastic application for measuring data and wifi usage in android on Google Play.Its name is INTERNET SPEED METER.It is available in free and pro version.

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    How accurate is this application, have you compared it I mean taken note of the actual data used and what is shown on the application?

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    There are other data measuring applications as well, you just need to search it on Google Play, all applications are pretty accurate, but to be on the safe side you should compare the data usage.

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