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IRCTC Android app in Google Play

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    Default IRCTC Android app in Google Play

    Indian Railways have now officially launched their own IRCTC Android application on the Google Play Store. Name of the application is IRCTC Connect and it would allows users to sign in an making their bookings, the layout and functions are somewhat similar to the IRCTC web portal.

    Previously on the IRCTC web portal there have been many problems, such as no conformation of tickets, the site crashing etc, and fingers crossed with this mobile application things would be a lot smoother.

    There is a restriction for using this application which is that you can not use the application between 8am to 12am, so for tatkal travels this is a disappointment.

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    Government sites are never good and have some kind of problem or the other, whether the mobile application is any good we would have to try and test it out.

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    It would only work well if Indian Railways imposed some sort of cancellation fee for canceling tickets. This way those agents who book in bulk would find it unprofitable and genuine travelers would be able to make bookings.

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    The agents/touts have full control over the ticjeting system. The only was you could ever get a ticket is through an agent.

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    It is good that such an application has been created, but it is the reliability of these applications and whether you are actually assured a ticket or not.

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