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    Default Android Flash Browser

    Ever since I started working online and can't buy a Desktop Computer yet, I have this problem of flash incompatibility. Before, I am using Google Chrome but unfortunately it doesn't provided all that I needed, the "flash player". Since I am using my tablet, its hard for me to view pages with flash contents. I research and found out Flashfox, which at first works fine but later on crashes. And now I found out another browser, which I currently been using which is called Puffin. Well, it works fine for me now and I am satisfied. Any other flash browser that you had encountered so far? Try to share and I am still looking for the best for my Tablet.

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    I also use puffin to play games it probably the best flash browser in the market..

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    I think you already got the best, Puffin browser. Flash support is enabled by default, but you can put if off if desired. I think it is one the fastest browsers available today. The only drawback which I noticed was that it does not offer any private browsing mode. But it is a relief that we can at least clear cache, cookies, saved passwords etc. at our will.

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    I am also a user of Puffin. I never used Google Chrome and Firefox again because those 2 mainstream browsers kept on crashing on me. I am really annoyed with all the crashing and lags I experienced with browsers designed for PC. I also love the fact that it is easier for me to download files with this browser. Not only it is fast, it is very responsive to sites that are not android compatible. I am able to download large files with a very slow 4G LT connection. Now I am using DSL again, it gets faster than ever.

    Another awesome flash browser is UC Browser. It is a very fast browser but I don't recommend it as good as Puffin because it's flash component doesn't work for other people.

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