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Lock screen flaw in Android Lollipop.

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    Default Lock screen flaw in Android Lollipop.

    Researchers in University of Texas has found a security flaw in Android based devices where by people can bypass the lock screen feature. Trying to lock the screen with abnormally long passwords sometimes lead to crashing of lock screen. Once this happened, the researchers were able to access the phone's resources. As a remedy to this, they recommend to use lock pattern or pin code instead of a password.

    Google is already rolling out a fix for Nexus, hope other players will follow. It is quite disturbing that the flaw is found on the latest version of Android, that is Android Lollipop!

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    I also actually heard about this aswell, and was a little concerned that it's taken this long for a security flaw like this to be found out.

    Personally I always use a PIN number on my lock screen anyway, but I know a lot, if not the majority do use a password.

    I guess as long as they fix the issue then there's no harm done, but even so it's just a basic security feature, and if they can't get that right, it makes me wonder what else is going to be the next issue that gets discovered.

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