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Thread: Which is your favourite custom ROM?

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    Default Which is your favourite custom ROM?

    Hi pals,
    I have been using Android since 4 years and my very first smartphone was a Samsung Galaxy Fit gt-s5670. :P I did a lot of experiment with it and flashed many ROM in it. Since then, I went crazy doing all this stuff. Recently, I unlocked the boot loader of my Moto G and rooted it after a lots of effort. But, I was very confused about which ROM to flash in my phone. I decided to choose between two ROMs namely Cyanogenmod and Paranoid, both of these have a very good user feedback. What do you think guys, which is better between the two?

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    I am using Sony M2. Mobile phone from 2014. On XDA a developer has released CyanogenMod 12.1 for my device. It has a few bugs but I can use it without problems. Sony has released Lollipop 5.1 for my device and blobs for the camera. Developers from XDA have implemented that blobs and now the camera is working perfectly fine.

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    I usually use different types of custom ROMS and root my android phone regularly. I know it will have the bad effect on my phone, but I have to do it in order to do my task. I am a developer and need to test new stuff regularly. Therefore, I am usually rooting my android mobile twice in a week.

    Mostly the rooting is done by me, in order to change the power of my phone. I have downloaded a lot of rooms and tested all of them and they don't have any bad effect on android. One should always check the ROM properly before rooting in your android.

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    I have personally used Chocobread, Pacman, Cyanogenmod and Paranoid ROMs on my different phones, and all of those worked pretty fine for me. I think Cyanogenmod is the best custom ROM to consider, as its one of the best known ROMs.

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