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What is the best 3rd party browser for Android?

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    Default What is the best 3rd party browser for Android?

    I can't use Firefox and Chrome with my Tablet because Firefox is crashing for some unknown reason and Google Chrome is unresponsive. I tried every possible way to make them work like uninstalling and reinstalling but things are getting worst. I don't really have problems with the built in browser Android provides but I want to know if I can find any alternative option that will actually work. Any browser I can download from the store that would be fast to use and doesn't crash a lot? I will really appreciate any suggestion you guys have. I already gave up in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. They were much better for PC's.

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    There is always Opera Browser and Dolphin Browser, I have used both and they work superbly. The Opera Browser is especially a good one; it offers many good features, it is very orderly and it keeps good track of downloads for you, in-which you can pause a download and if a download stops, when you restart it, it continues from where it let off and Dolphin browser is also good and it has evolved with time. It could also be that something is wrong with your Tablet, have you tried reinstalling the apps and checking for malware?

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    I would recommend "Dolphin Browser." It's free, and I've been using it for over 3 years now. It has a lot of amazing features, that other browsers such as chrome do not offer. For example, you can download themes, and backgrounds (like on the desktop version of chrome.) It also has the nicest UI out of all the browsers, and is very fast, and rarely ever encounters bugs (unlike chrome on android.) It's a solid browser, and what's best is the fact that it's free. It's as close as you can get to the "real" desktop version of chrome on android.

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