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What do you think of Android's new emojis for Nexus users?

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    Default What do you think of Android's new emojis for Nexus users?


    These new emojis will be available to Android users this week. Are you an active emoji user? Which of the new ones you are looking forward to try? I find some of these new updates really cool and adorable. I am so excited for this coming update.
    oh this is the full link where you can see the full list of the emojis:

    Do you use a lot of emojis when you are sending messages to someone?

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    I only use the smiley and laughing smiley. ( LOL ROFL )
    I do not like to express negative things with emojis.
    A very popular one is the tongue sticking out, I never understood why and I never use this one.
    Do you own a Google Nexus? They say the new emojis are pulled from Google Hangouts.

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    I usually send emojis in my messages in Whatsapp, Facebook and posts in Instagram. Emojis are a fun manner to send messages. But about this Emojis, I do not notice big differences.

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