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Breaking news update!!

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    Exclamation Breaking news update!!

    Check this out (sorry but i am not allowed to post proper url) 400/articleshow/3546149.cms#]Reliance Big TV to increase number of channels to 400-Intl Business-Business-The Times of India

    MUMBAI: Reliance Big TV, an RComm subsidiary, will soon boost its bouquet of television channels on its DTH platform from 200 to 400, Chairman of
    RComm Anil Ambani said at the AGM of the company on Tuesday.

    At present, most DTH operators are able to offer about 175 channels to their subscribers.

    Ambani said the company will also offer IPTV services in major cities in near future. He said the company has entered into an exclusive technology tie up with Microsoft for this purpose.

    He said India has the largest and fastest growing markets for pay television in the world. The country's viewership is already the second largest in the world at 13 crore. This market continues to grow rapidly as tv penetration expands from the current 54 per cent, he said.

    That sounds really interesting and many of us expecting the same thing. after all we have mpeg 4 and more channels..

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    Any news on what channels would be added? We dont have that many channels in India... Are these all going to be firangi channels?

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    Even till now in india total number of channels that have permission to broadcast in indian is around 350 in numbers then how come BIGTV will give 400 channels. its all just rumours only nothing else. just for gaining popularity they issue these comments.

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    A lot of this is rubbish. 400 TV channels indeed!!! Where are these 400 TV channels? Are you including each and every regional channel as one channel? Can that really be counted as a channel (of any use) to all people?

    Another instance! BigTV is counting all the 32 pay-per-view cinema channels are TV channels. Yes. Technically there are channels. But are these of any use to you? Can you afford to watch them?

    These 400 channels may be the total number of channels on offer. Whether you can subscribe to them or get to watch them is a different story.
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    Yes. I read this news in the Times of India newspaper on 14-10-2008. It is told by an Big TV official to the reporter. Let us see, when it come.

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    Man!! TV penetration is still 54%!! damn!!

    EDIT: But I wud still NOT GO FOR RELIANCE!! even if they offer a zillion+ channels! lmao...
    Will they be offering channels like ABC and NBC?? if yes then i wud have to rethink tho....
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