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Connecting Both TV and Laptop To STB

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    Default Connecting Both TV and Laptop To STB

    My connection was installed yesterday at around 10pm. at that time engineer or rather i say technician told me that i can legally connect TWO TV sets to one stb(same channel/screen on both at any time).

    He connected my TV set to stb via composite vedio and Audio L&R sockets(3 pins). [illustrated in attached picture]

    Now I want to connect my laptop to STB. for this he said that you can use 'RF Out' port. [illustrated in attached picture]

    My laptop can act as normal TV if a normal cable is inserted in it, but when i inserted output from 'RF Out' using a connector it doesn't shows any channels on scanning or any AV input.

    My laptop has inbuilt TV tuner card.

    Please suggest what to do, meanwhile i have ordered a RF to AVI converter.

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    BUT, in the manual it's specified that you cannot connect it to computer !

    I don't know what they are meaning ?

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