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Colors channel

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    Talking Colors channel

    :dIt is really nice that Reliance has finally come up with Colors channel- which has leapfrogged as best channel in recent past.
    Thanks Reliance, Thanks Anil Ambani for relentless yours efforts to satiate the long pending demand of crazy 'n' enviable TV viewers
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    Why are you thanking so much. ColorTv is not free, you need to pay Rs.28=00 per month dont forget

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    maybe he has been mistaken, and getting exciting for nothing!

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    He is so happy that BIG TV has at least done something good - never mind whether he has pay or not.
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    Might be he is happy because he don't know the charges for this channels on bigtv.

    Its Rs.28/- per month which is too costly. and once he know the charges he won't be that happy.

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    i think he is a big tv dealer..

    if not, then his reaction would be like this- after knowing about the cost

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    Default UTTARAN Serial on Colours

    Lately this Uttaran Serial has become so disgusting... The producer/director is taking the viewers for granted by changing the bride on the wedding day of Veer without the knowledge of Tapu's Parents & the Wedding scene is stretched for TWO WEEKS. We have totally lost interest in this Series as it is against the INdian culture / tradition. Pls stop this NONSENSE.

    Sunil OP

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    Thanks for "DishTV vs TataSky vs BigTV" blog. Where do I get to include Z classic in my package of BIG TV ? Today I had your .xls file I'll take a look and try again. I will come to you with querry/result.

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    Default cheapest model in the 3D TV segment

    Which is the cheapest model in the 3D TV segment?

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    Quote Originally Posted by aaron12 View Post
    How can subscribed to this channel
    good going aaron12..
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