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i have been cheated by BIGTV

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    Default i have been cheated by BIGTV

    i have been cheated by BIGTV .

    i subscribed to bigtv nearly 6 months back in one of my room , it was running Ok , i like the service and package .

    then in january 2009 i took another connection in my another room at the same address according to the Multiple Tv scheme . i filled the option of multiple tv in the form and the bigtv GUY who came to my address for installation just changed the LNB to dual LNB without installing a new DISH .

    now after one and half months i am unable to receive any channels , then i asked the customer care about my subscription scheme and he told me that it is not in the multiple tv scheme . and i have to pay full monthly charges on both units ...

    now what should i do ?

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    Similar thing happened with my twin DishTV connections. Since the second connection was activated a little later (15 days later), the initial record was of two separate connections. At the time of renewal, I discovered that they have not set my connections as multi-tv. I made a complaint and it was rectified immeddiately.

    You need to make a complaint and insist on multi-tv connection citing that customer name is same, address is same, etc. They will have to relent. Else threaten them with consumer court action.

    Important: Keep record of all conversations. Insist on a complaint number and name of the person that you talk to. Send written notices via UPC.
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    but there is no option of knowing my account details , how much it is being paid everyday , according to which plan... like it is very clear in tatasky

    any solution ?

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    as said by J4K go and tell me clearly that you have opted for multi-tv but they have given a separate connection and give a written complaint regarding it and do not forget to take the acknowledgment from them ( if you have the photo copy of your filled form while opting for mult-tv its very good) then ask when will it be rectified if they still dont seem to co-operate then give them invitation to meet in consumer court ... i my self am a distributor for Sun DTH (newly started) so i know the inner facts...

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