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Big TV Customer Service

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    Default Big TV Customer Service

    Before changing a DTH provider, its important to know everything about the DTH provider.

    So here is a question to all you Big TV users.........whats Big TV customer service like, how good are they and do they answer all questions from customers promptly with the best of their knowledge and help?

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    they know nothing..

    Everytime you call them they tells you different story....yeah they do try to answer your queries but without any knowledge. They are just morons...and i am serious.

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    Worst customer service is offered by BIGTV from all DTH operators. That BIGTV have the worst customer and after sale service.

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    Angry Feed back of a Big TV Customer

    The response of customer care is very poor ,rude and confusing.Package price range is too high.
    During purchase the Relince big tv u canít know about hidden cost.They will show u they are the cheapest than other.
    I think if u purchase it will be daymare for you.
    I suggest other people to avoid RELINCE BIG TV.

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