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Big TV DTH Service

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    Default Big TV DTH Service

    I was curious to know about Big TV, as it has been some time since I heard about them or saw any ad of their DTH services. Thinking that their DTH services have been shut down I was suprised to see on their offical site that they provide 250 HD channels. I thought OMG 250 HD channels, so I browsed on their site to see the list of channels until I actually saw that its not actually HD channels, it actually says '250 channels in HD like quality'.

    Its a quick way of grabbing customers, as some people dont take notice of small things and many like I first thought would think ok they have 250 HD channels lets go for Big TV.

    Do you think that they actually get customers? Because neither are there any ads on tv or the newspaper its not something you see in shops either.

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    Big TV closed their DTH services last year, they started off well, but other DTH providers had better services and packages.

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