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BLACKBERRY 6220 PDA Mobile Phone

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    Question BLACKBERRY 6220 PDA Mobile Phone

    I want to buy a BlackBerry set. I searched out and find that "BLACKBERRY 6220 PDA Mobile Phone" is suiting my requirements. But i have some doubts about it:

    1. Is it supported by indian mobile service providers like airtel, vodafone etc.
    2. What features this model lack (except blackNwhite,No Camera)
    3. Can i install skype, googletalk, msn etc. on it.

    Plz help......

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    now all mjor GSM players support Blackberry service on BB/BB connect handsets not purchased from them. CDMA players are yet to offer this facility.
    For Airtel prepaid please check this thread

    However, I think this particular model would not support external IMs like gtalk.
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    Works the way you do
    You're a natural-born multitasker, and so is your BlackBerry® smartphone. Whatever you're busy doing, all of your messages, updates and notifications keep coming through. Easily bounce from one thing to another—all at once.

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