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Mobile Internet Can Enhance Your Efficiency

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    Default Mobile Internet Can Enhance Your Efficiency

    One of the most daunting problems of the corporate world is ‘lack of time’. Everyone is busy and they find that 24 hours per day is not sufficient. There are too many tasks to be accomplished and all of them are equally important. You cannot afford to postpone any of them, postponing or procrastinating tasks that needs to be done the same day can result in severe loss in terms of both money and reputation. The latest tools and technology have increased the expectations of people dramatically. There were times when people used regular postal systems for all their official communications and they were ready to wait for weeks to get a response or to make an important decision. They were mentally prepared to wait for such long periods but today that is not the case, people want their response in the next hour. The maximum they are ready to wait is one business day and anything more than that is too much.

    There are number of us who travel for business reasons and in such scenarios, it is not possible for us to get to our desk for a number of days at a stretch. To help such people there is yet another solution and that is mobile internet. Mobile internet has caught on fire rapidly in India too. Mobile internet allows us to perform most crucial official tasks such as reading mails, responding to them etc., on the move. It increases our efficiency and productivity. Using mobile internet, we can save a lot of time as we travel. The only thing that is yet to be invented is instant translocation from one place to another, so we are forced to spend time in travel. Even if we traveled by the fastest medium of transport available to reach a particular place, we will be held up for several hours in the travel. Mobile internet is the only solution in such situations. Your clients will never have to know that you are not at your desk and they do not bother about it either as long as they get their responses in time.

    Almost all mobile operators in India have launched mobile internet services in the form of GPRS. We are still looking forward for the most awaited 3G network in India. However, we can accomplish a lot using the existing GPRS connection and it is certainly better than having no mobile internet at all. Airtel mobile and Reliance mobile are the two top mobile internet services providers in India. Both of them promise stable mobile network connectivity. However, Airtel mobile has wider network coverage when compared to Reliance mobile.

    Mobile internet allows us to enjoy freedom of movement, we can become people that are more efficient, and our productivity levels will certainly increase because we can work even when we are traveling. This also helps frequent travelers who get bored of traveling, as they are kept occupied with their official tasks, which diverts their mind from the boredom of frequent trips. If you are a frequent traveler then it is high time that you apply for your mobile internet connection.

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    Mobile internet as become increasingly popular for exactly the reasons you have stated. It does exactly what it says on the tin, and allows you to access the internet, while your mobile and its as simple as that.

    We no longer have to be sat in the office or searching round for an internet cafe, a place to log on so we can work or check our accounts, we can do it from the comfort of our cars, planes or trains.

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    I use mobile internet not only to check social media sites, emails, or do simple search on Google, but also download movies, music, ebooks, apps, softwares, programs. When I am not using my laptop, I use my hand held device to do every thing that I do on the world wide web from my laptop. Sometimes when my boradband connection is not working, I use my mobile internet on my laptop by tethering.

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    I think 3G internet has become very common in countries like India nowadays. Now it is the time for 4G which is spreading like wildfire. Companies compete each other to launch new 4G services across the country covering more and more places under them.

    Yes, mobile internet has become a revolutionary change in the history of humans. Now we can easily access web anywhere we like with the help of a tiny device like dongle. They are even more fast than the conventional wired access to net. 4G makes it more tempting.

    But to be frank, mobile Internet has its own demerits too when more and more kids are becoming computer addicts as it is quite impossible to have a proper control over it.

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