I just saw the latest TVC of Reebok shoes which featured a new and different collection named Reebok Hex Ride
YouTube - Hot and Sexy Bipasha in new Reebok ad, what a figure man!

I was stunned looking at the two mesmerizing personalities in the ad- Dhoni & Bipasha Basu. Their sizzling chemistry between them made my eyes stick on to screen even after the video flashed away. When sparks fly between two people, we're quick to say they have "chemistryĒ and thatís exactly what I noticed when I was watching the ad. I feel there couldnít have been better personalities for this collection as it just goes with the brand & product image and attribute- Sexy, Smart and Stylish. The individuals sex appeal and style got together and just created a sizzling spark between them.

I must say Bips has worked a lot to shape up her sexy figure, and Mahi was as cool as always, check out here for more stuff..
Reebok Hexride