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help needed in planning my internet plan

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    Default help needed in planning my internet plan

    Hi all,

    Can you solve my problem? bit difficult I guess...I live in trichy,Tamilnadu.

    I am getting a broadband for my parents. their usage will be limited to 2 gb per month. and I'll be with my parents for next two months. After that I may resume my regular work far away from home and I'll not be in a position to cross check their internet bills and usage. I am very afraid of postpaid plans because of this.They show you a big bill and before you fight it out and settle it, the next month bill is there. I don't want to get them stuck with some unsupportive customer care and also who charge you hefty amounts.

    And I have planned for heavy video downloads (40-60gb) for the first two months. so that they can watch in their free time. I trust only 3 providers here airtel,aircel,BSNL for data. (If any users from lic colony,trichy are there, please let me know, if there are better options). So for the first two months I'll be using a lot of data and after that I need to change my plan.

    Thing is Airtel guys allow to change the plan after 90 days. But I won't be there in the transition period and my parents have to handle it.
    bsnl prepaid broadband option is there. but experience of many says unsupportive customer care. but they work out to be cheaper.

    how to move forward guys?I would have blindly chosen bsnl, if they solve problems on time.

    thanks for reading.
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    I am of the opinion that do not get a post paid connection that is limited in nature and allows for extra billing if the usage exceeds the limit. Get an unlimited connection instead and even better if you can get a prepaid connection.

    BSNL EVDO if the reception is good would cost Rs750 per month for unlimited usage and is available in both prepaid and post paid. Speed is not bad either. MTS could also be an option with their Rs999 prepaid plan that gives you 20 GB data per month.

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    If you are afraid of the post paid bills then go for a prepaid plan which would work out better and get a half yearly recharge done if it helps. I think customer service wise Airtel, Vodafone and Reliance are all good. For these service providers you can change your plan every month and during your stay get a larger data plan.

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