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Should I ditch BSNL broadband and get Reliance Broadband?

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    Wink Should I ditch BSNL broadband and get Reliance Broadband?

    Hi all, I like to play MMORPGs, watch online videos, download torrents but the problem with BSNL is they cannot provide high speed unlimited internet and the ping I get to SEA EU NA China is really high these days. Reliance Thunder 699 seems really nice to me, I've seen a few videos of it and the speed and ping look really nice but when I ask other people about it they say Reliance is sh*t. I've also seen alot of people ranting about some issues with Reliance Broadband so I'm confused with what I should do. I do have a few friends who use Reliance Broadband and they never got a single issue with it. I live in Nagpur, Maharashtra. If Reliance is also not good can someone tell me about any other Broadband services available at my place? Thanks in advance

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    It depends on the place, if you are at a place where Reliance gives a decent service, you can go for it.
    My experience with Reliance has not been good, frequent disconnections and even after disconnection in Sept 2015 I am getting bills and calls from them !
    Don't you have any private operators in Nagpur ? Or try for FTTH from Bsnl if available.
    Perhaps other members from Nagpur will give better suggestions. I wrote mainly about their customer service which is deplorable.
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    Thanks for the quick reply. I don't know whom to ask about private operators at my place... and BSNL FTTH prices are really high. I need cheap plan like Reliance Thunder 699 2Mbps Unlimited no FUP (799 Max) but BSNL is 2Mbps with 8GB FUP after 8GB becomes 50KB/s (1k+RS) and I can't even watch Youtube videos at 360p without buffering that speed sucks like hell even when I access Facebook its really slow. I don't have friends who use Landline for Internet, as they don't play online Games and don't watch Online videos. They all have Dongel or they go Cyber-cafe for Internet. I'm really confused about what I need to do I need stable ping and High speed Internet at low prices (I know its not possible but if only it is possible somehow?) I mainly connect to SEA EU and NA and China. I hope someone on this Forum could help me

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