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    Default BSNL NIC vs EVDO

    How different is NIC from EVDO in all perspectives?

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    CDMA 1x in simple words is the cdma internet which offers you speeds upto 144kbps. BSNL NIC cards provide the same.

    EVDO is the cdma internet equivalent to 3g which provides speeds upto 2.4mbps on Rev0 and upto 3mbps on RevA instruments. BSNL provides USB EVDO Interface, an ZTE modem for this purpose

    EVDO (Evolution Data Only)

    means all Frequency is used as IP Based Data Packet

    and Voice is Carried over Data Packat with Pripority Tags attached

    Suppose Reliance is Allocated 5 Mhz Band

    it is devided in 4 slot card each of 1.25 Mhz CDMA Card, when EVDO will come they will Unplug 1.25 CDMA 1x Card it Push an EVDO Card in same 1.25 Mhz Slot means that Tower is EVDO ready, How easy na. CDMA Technology is built in a manner that can be upgraded so fast. in case of GSM it Support 850,900,1800,1900 Mhz Band and 3GSM (WCDMA,UMTS) works in 1900 and 2100 Band With Dedicated 5mhz Band Separate for 3G Services which will lead them to bleed so much capital for such Upgrade. But For Reliance and Tata it is just Unplugging 1 cdma card and pusshing EVDO Card in Slot of Tower. and in phased manner replacing major card of CDMA 1x with EVDO and placing CDMA Card in Rural of Distance area. as EVDO Rev 0 and Revision 1 works in 1.25 Mhz Slot only.

    Now the Question is why Reliance and Tata is waiting for.?

    Ans 1. In India 3G policy is still awaiting
    Ans 2. EVDO Revision 0 is Absoulute and EVDO Rev. 1 is at end of Expiry in Koria and Japan of KDDE network. Revision 2 or Reveion B is Comming which will support Download of 10 mbps and Upload upto 2.2 mbps, so Reliance / Tata might buy Old EVDO Rev - 1 Equipment from existing CDMA Operator who wanna swith to Rev-B

    now comming to the Data Rate
    in Rev 0,1 Data rates for Download is 2.2 Mbps Theoritically and practically 1 mbps download and 144 kb upload, now Question Tower already have Backend link of 1 or 2 mbps then how can they feed used with 1 mbps

    Now 1 mbps/144 kbps (Rev0/Rev1) is given on 1.25 Total Band and it is being shares among 100 users but at any momemnt very few will be active to carry data operation so one can definatly have good chunk of Data Flowing to him.

    why Rev0 Rev1 is absoluting is

    Ans - Rev0 and 1 is Devided in Manny Slot of 1.25 Mhz. so Data Bunding is not allowed above 1 mbps Limits so for no user the Bandwidth will shoot to rate above 1 mbps but if they Develop card for 5 mhz Band the Datarate can shoot to 10 mbps with software upgrade, but again this 10 mbps will be shared with 500 users rather than 100 user in rev0 and Revision 1 type. But any Point of time chances of pusshing bandwidth for single user can go upto 10 mbps download. so user dont have to wait so much then again this band with will go to another shared userd in Times based manner or as per Priority Requirement.

    EVDO is TDMA Technology so CDMA 1x people are moving to TDMA (Time Devision multiple Access)

    now GSM (a TDMA Technology is going for WCDMA Wideband CDMA)

    Here is the Growth Path

    GSM(10k/10k) - GPRS(44k/10K) - EDGE(250k/44K) - WCDMA/UMTS(386K/44K) - HSDPA(1mb/144k) - HSUPA(8mb,2mb)

    and CDMA is

    CDMA 1x(144k/40k) - EVDO Rev-0(1mb/144k) - EVDO Rev-1(1.5mb/250k) - EVDO Rev B(10Mb / 1 Mb)
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    thats really well clarified. thanks.

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