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How to select your broadband plan and service provider?

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    Default How to select your broadband plan and service provider?

    In India, we have a number of broadband service providers and each service provider has launched their own set of schemes and broadband plans for both domestic users and commercial users. Among the top internet service providers come BSNL, Airtel, Reliance, Tata Indicom, etc.

    One of the questions the people often have while deciding their broadband plan is how to decide their broadband plan or their service provider. Here are some factors that will help you decide your broadband plan and service provider.

    You must pick a service provider that provides a vast number of plans to their customers. Some of the broadband plans will be clubbed with voice plans. So you must decide your usage or know how you are most likely to use your internet connection. At times our broadband connection will be a second connection to our phone connection by going for a combo package that includes both broadband and voice plan we can save on our telephone bill.

    There will be three types of broadband schemes basically, one will be based on the internet speed, the second type will be based on the number of hours of usage while the third type will be based on the download volume. You must first assess your usage before you can select a suitable broadband plan. For example if you are likely to download a lot of movies, music and games from the internet you must go for high speed plans that are time based rather than download volume. On the other hand if you are particular to be online for long hours but you donít download extensively then you should go for volume based plans that will allow you to be online without having to pay any additional money as long as your downloads remain within the allowed quota. Many people blindly go for unlimited plans and pay additional rates month after month. For an average domestic user, 1 GB should be more than enough. Today we can get 1 GB plans for Rs. 500 or less. After using this plan for 2 to 3 months if you see your download limit is over 1 GB, you should go to the next higher plan rather than directly moving to the unlimited scheme. If your download pattern lies within the allowed limit then there is no need for you to upgrade it to unlimited plan.

    Almost all service providers allow us to switch between plans anytime and any number of times without any additional charges. They will bill us on prorated basis so we only pay for what we use. If you foresee that you will be downloading a lot during a particular month switch to unlimited broadband plans for that particular plans. Whenever, there is a special scheme that comes with a discounted rate always check the actual tariff after the offer period. In some cases, you might lose your original plan that was more beneficial by switching to a new plan that had attractive discount offer. Never rush in to decide your broadband plan; take your time so that you will be able to select the plan that is just right for your usage.

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    BSNL Home 250, 1 GB, up to 2 Mbps = Rs. 250 per month

    If going for a plan change with BSNL, an advance amount equal to one month's rent (of new plan) will be charged even if they claim it is free.

    Complete list of BSNL plans and tariff

    Precautions during BSNL Broadband Plan Change
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