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Dsl or cable ??

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    Bronze Member Gaurav Rao's Avatar
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    Question Dsl or cable ??

    Hey Guys,
    As We Can See That There Are Many ADSL Providers As Well As CABLE Providers... :29:
    Cable Gives Maximum Speed..
    But In India The Maximum Speed For Cable Service Provider Is 2Mbps:1eye:
    And ADSL Providers Have Speeds Upto 24Mbps:fuk2:
    .................................................. .................................................. .......

    Which Service Do You Think Gives Mostly Promised Speeds..?
    And Who's Service Is Good & Quality Is Excellent....?

    Please Post Your Idea / Comments here...... :21:
    *****We WIll FiNd WaY oR mAke oNe....*****

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    Its Time To Change ! deepmohan's Avatar
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    Cable Broadband is Better and faster than DSL because it can hold much bandwidth compared to DSL.

    But in India Cable Broadband have not got that success instead services providers of cable broadband here in india sucks....

    Better go with DSL and be trouble free with less downtime and better speed.


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    I have used both. Didn't found any difference.

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    I must say cable provider in my case hathway provided full bandwidth to me(1mbps), but bsnl provided me only speed like this - 0.4mbps to 1.3 mbps,
    So I must say cable has capacity but providers are not using it or not willing to using it..... for dsl I also say it is good but bsnl sucks........
    Sad or Fever, Smile Forever!!!

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    It is not technology, but more of the providers ability to purchase and provide bandwidth. Beside that the Indian mentality of making profits overnight makes the services sp much pruned that as customer, we feel BAD.

    ours is an emerging scenario and let us hope for better things in the coming times.

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    The DSL in the US is not as good. Over here the cable connection is a lot faster since we use fiber optics. Does India have fiber optics?

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    Max speed offered 16Mbps by ISP Airtel.
    Now on Landline ( BSNL telephone line ) based broadband
    connection you can have Broadband connection
    ANYWHERE in India
    with a prepaid card ! ( from a BSNL telephone)
    Available also for "SnailBand" Dialup 56 K modem even now.
    Wimax service/s available.
    Airtel ISP has International Internet roaming
    tariff plans.
    "Bullock carts" and "Chandrayan" both possible in
    India !
    Broadband users about 6 million ( Pop last count: 1000 million ! or 100 crores) should have gone up by another 5 crores now !
    Cellphone users as per latest figures 500 million( will verify in web and confirm from newspaper reports. )
    3 times the population of U.S!

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    ADSL is the best............

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