Most windows joke features the error code given by Windows. I have myself read hundreds of them on internet. Even while we use a broadband connection we may get a few error codes. Each error code is associated with some difficulty. A few of them need expert help, but we can kill some of them. Let us discuss a few error codes and how to deal with them. Be careful that do not try too much. If you are beginner, feel free to call a technician.

Error 678

It is one of the common error we get while using a broadband connection. Main reason is poor connectivity. The problem exists between B RAS – Tier 2 – DSLAM –Modem – Customer PC.

How to repair

Switch off and Switch ON the modem. You will find the power switch in the side or backside of the modem.

If it still persists, reset the modem. To reset the modem use a small pin or refill. You will find a small hole on the bottom of the modem.

If the problem persists, check the WAN or Link light. It can be a line problem if it is blinking.

Check the connection between modem and splitter.

Jack in and Jack out the cable to modem and splitter.

If it is still there, please inform the local exchange and seek assistance as it could be due to poor line condition.

Error 691

Problem with user ID or password

How to repair

Ask the local exchange to initiate the procedure to reset the password.

Error 797

Error 797 is mainly due to modem or LAN driver

How to repair

Reset the modem while in ON condition. Use a refill or pin to press the micro switch through the small hole in the bottom side of the modem.

Error 718

It can be cause mainly due to two problems. One during peak hours. It happens when the no of customers using the connection exceed the call handling capacity of B RAS. During slack hour is it appears, it may be due to the corrupted PPPoE. Reloading PPPoE will solve the problem.

Error 630 – 633

It occurs mainly due the LAN card. The only solution is to replace the LAN card.