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Page loading in Opera Turbo mode.

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    Cool Page loading in Opera Turbo mode.

    Opera Turbo Mode is a new feature in Opera 10 Browser that allows a page to load much faster by compressing the image and lowering the quality. When this mode is enabled, Opera’s servers will compress the images and other graphic elements from a webpage like images , ads , etc and send them to your browser, resulting in a faster load time. It is suitable for those users who are using a slow internet connection, such as dial-up connection.

    To Enable Tubo mode:

    Go to Tools > Quick Preferences and click Enable Opera Turbo.

    If you do not know what do select than you can select automatic mode that automatically enables the turbo mode if required if you are not getting good speed.As in turbo mode full webpage is downloaded from the same server the speed is quite good than that when we load pages normally from other-other locations like text from server and images from another server.

    It is also good because it prevents the loading of videos and gif pictures from auto loading ,if you want to see them then you have to click on them and thus prevents wastage of speed of internet in low speed connection.
    Must watch this:
    YouTube - New Opera 10 (beta) Turbo test (Testing how much time needs opera to open with and without turbo. turbo off: 21 sec turbo on: 11 sec total page: 420kb turbo page: 179kb original picture: 22 kb turbo compressed)

    It can able to compress the page full with Images upto or greater than 8x.
    Which means if the size of the page is 400 KB then it has completed the loading of the page in only 50 KB data transfer.

    It is also good if some sites are restricted where you are browsing as no one can blocks that from loading as it is very trusted site. And it is also good for browsing if you want privacy as no one can able to detect your IP address for them it appears to be like this:

    My IP address is:
    My IP Address Location: Oslo in Norway
    ISP of my IP: Jupiter Hosting Corporation(Opera).

    Amazing loading speed in opera Turbo:
    YouTube - Opera Turbo

    Download Opera 10.10 click below:
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