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How to: Increase your video buffering speed!

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    Default How to: Increase your video buffering speed!


    I am using a useful Program that speeds up ur buffering of video on metacafe, Videos and many more....
    its a Software called SPEEDBIT VIDEO ACCELERATOR

    This software is awesome.i am using it with IE8, Firefox and Google Chrome and it rocks!!
    Before when i didn't had this software my 256Kbps connection loaded a 5min video of youtube in 5 mins.When i installed it, it took only 3mins(or less..) to buffer the video.I was shocked.From then i started using this software.Its Awesome!

    What it all do is it downloads video from multiple sources simultaneously because of which the video gets buffered quick allowing us to do watch videos with high speed and same quality.It really speeds up ur videos.

    It is really easy to use!!just install and its active in background.Whenever u play a video, it runs up and accelerates ur video and the video is loaded much faster.Also it lets u watch videos without any interruptions.It supports Normal Video Accelerating, HQ Video (High Quality) in free version.For HD(High- Deficiency) u have to purchase Premium.But free is good.

    I really found it helpful.Its really good for slow connections(like mine).
    When it accelerates it looks like this in right-bottom:

    Its runs on:-
    OS: Windows 7 / Vista / XP / 2003 / Windows 2000
    Browser: Internet Explorer/ FireFox/ Google Chrome/ Opera/ Safari/ Maxthon/ Netscape
    to download it goto:
    P.S. Thanks to Gaggan he told me about this software.

    Hope u like it
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    Thanks M8....

    looking for a useful app like this...

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    Nice app.
    Thanks imrock and Gaggan.

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