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    Default How to configure airtel 220bx1 modem with MTNL connection

    I am using beetel 220bx1 adsl2 modem.
    Earlier i was using this modem with airtel broadband connection. now i have shifted to mtnl broadband connection. But the MTNL guys refuse to help as I am not buying their modem. kindly help me to connect this modem with MTNL broadband connection. The "line" light is supposed to go yellow "permanently" but it goes yellow only for a very less amount of time and then goes blank intermittently. The MTNL line-man has checked it with his modem and the "line" light is active permanently for his modem. I don't know how to configure it for MTNL. Please help.
    Thanks in advance.
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    Only changes are VPI/VCI and changing user ID and password. Call MTNL ask for the VPI/VCI values. Rest can be managed.

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    For MTNL VPI/VCI is 0 and 32 ( confirm )
    Also see WA3002-g4 link below for screen shots.
    All settings same except VPI/VCI ID PW and
    if needed dns entries. You can enter google dns and open dns both in modem and networks settings.

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