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Long Distance Wi-Fi Router !!

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    Default Long Distance Wi-Fi Router !!

    I have been through the forum and while there are many threads concerning WiFi around a large area - they are all very technical and not easy for a non techie like me to follow. Therefore here it goes again.....

    I am looking to cover a built-up rectangular plot of 8 Acres with WiFi connectivity. Is there a router brand/model that can cover such an area comfortably? If not, then how many access points would i need to cover the entire area. Also, are there any other alternatives for achieving the same?

    Inputs will be very appreciated - I am here to provide more details if it helps. Request to keep the talk as simple as possible.

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    What is the purpose of this setup?

    Is this going to be point to point or point to multi point?

    Is this 8 acre plot full of high rise buildings or just one house in the middle and rest landscaped gardens or something?

    What kind of budget do you have to achieve this? Is is mission critical or would occasional downtime not be an issue?

    If you are trying to provide broadband services to a lot of offices/homes then Tikona is a live example you can look at and do exactly the same thing that they are doing on a smaller scale.

    And what kind of bandwidth are you trying to push on this set up and do you want a set up that does not have a single point of failure or would you rather have some fault tolerance in the network.

    More information you post.. More elaborate the replies would be

    Welcome to India broadband forum

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    An acre is 43,560 square feet (13,277.088 square meters)
    approx 44,000 square feet. 8 acres means 3,52,000 square feet.
    Give length and breadth details.
    What is the terrain ? A flat greenland
    or uneven ground with height/s varying?
    Or a housing project with multi storied buildings?(max height ?)
    Purpose of the WIFI link : Broadband Internet service ?
    we can have at a central location a tower with height say
    max 100 meters or it proposed?
    Any Airport nearby ?
    Do you own a cellphone with wifi facility ?
    Is the reception good all over the area , for telephone connection/conversation at least ?
    You intend to invest as a BB provider, and provide wifi
    connections in the area ?
    Depending on your feedback we can suggest another IBF
    member. ( Also Tikona option as mentioned above.) Also location/.
    Please reply item wise.

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    I need a long distance WiFi router
    My MTNL router is mess dont get signal in next room

    anyone please tell whats a good model

    I have a 4 bedroom Apt
    so it doesnt reach all the rooms


    Please Help
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    my house is in 1.5 Acres and My Wifi TP-LINK W740 is Working Almost Great with Reliance 3G
    I THINK 4-5 Hotspots would be Good

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    Can you please give me Model #

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    You can look for Netgear Rangemax routers and if it doesn't help then consider installing signal extenders.
    Some makes which you might like:
    Netgear WGR614 Wireless-N 150 Router
    Netgear WNR3500L RangeMax Wireless-N Gigabit Router
    D-Link DIR-615 Wireless-N 300 Router

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    I have a similar situation and seek for help in this forum.
    I am in need for options to set up a long range, approx 1 KM, wireless network. To keep it simple a long range Wi-Fi based setup would suffice. The requirement is to connect a few(about 8-10) devices between each other and does not require very high data transfer speeds. This again translates to a need for a low cost set up(not more than a few ten-thousands maximum).
    I am exploring options of range extenders and access points and also been looking at some earlier threads Will be thankful if anybody has some specific solution to help me plan this. Will be glad to provide any additional information. Thanks ahead for the help.

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