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Becoming Business Partner in ISP

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    Default Becoming Business Partner in ISP

    hi, My name is Shadab,I stay at Mankhurd,Mumbai. In our area,there is no broadband or Internet service provider to provide better service.I use IDEA NETSETTER wireless internet but that is very slow.
    So, I want to become a ISP provider in my area, for that I don't have any shop or office,but I will take on rent.But I know that there is also a fee for becoming a partner, so I want to know these fees which are taken by all ISP and broadband service provider.

    Please help me!

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    Which area is it?

    There are lots of business models not just one so it would be better if you could describe a bit more about what kind of locality it is and the population... hor far is it spread out and is Bsnl not providing broadband there?
    You could look at one of the wireless options where you set up a tower with BTS and stick recievers at customer end with no wiring atall and that reduces the need of manpower as well as compared to sify kind of cable stuff.

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    Appears your MTNL Exchange is in EAST Zone. Mumbai.
    I stay at Mankhurd,Mumbai
    If you have a MTNL L/L connection , approach your Exchange
    for business plans for running a cyber cafe.
    Check for tariff plans in MTNL Mumbai web site.

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