Load balancing, Connection teaming, Bonding, merging Multiple mobile Internet LAN connections to one or a software router

I want to connect multiple Cable/wifi/wimax Broadband, Mobile Internet, GSM/CDMA/3g/ /2g wireless wifi, dial up, Internet connection and merge them to one Internet connection. I searched internet i found many software hardware and solutions for the same . But no complete information is or forum consists will it work or not .

I found following seven software solutions
1. MIDPOINT (from midcore) which dont exists now company is out from order
2 .INTERGATE ( from Vicom soft) which connects LAN connection
3. WINGATE (proxy) proxy software but it dont do connection bonding exactly
4. SURFDOUBLER but no info and software available
5. MICROSOFT WINDOWS 7 have support of connection teaming from Multiple Lan cards dont know if it works in with mobile software
6. Software router many software works as software router which work as software routers
7. Linux software routing dont know how it works
8 Connection teaming bonding literature

vicomsoft.com/knowledge/reference/bondteam.html]VICOMSOFT: Knowledgeshare - PPPoE
homenethelp.com/web/howto/Midpoint-connection-teaming.asp]Cable modem speed boost with connection teaming
techspot.com/vb/topic101404.html]Connection Teaming? - TechSpot OpenBoards

I found following hardware solution
1. Gigabyte have AMD and new i7 boards which have dual LAN and have feature of connection teaming from LAN dont know if it will work with mobile or usb modems of mobiles
2. Router with only 2 dual LAN internet LOAD BALANCING works dont have usb or other dial up 3g internet connections provisions

cisco.com/en/US/products/ps9925/index.html]Cisco RV042 4-port 10/100 VPN Router - Dual WAN - Cisco Systems

TO ELABORATE broaden my query that what i want a software/ Hardware router modem card or any device which can do following things (can u name the software hardware router or its web link)

1. I want a SOFTWARE OR HARDWARE (router,Switch) to connect multiple type of connection from different ISP and different type of dynamic static IP that may be Broadband (cable, wifi,3G data card) dial up modems , mobile GPRS, USB modems or any other medium of Internet connectivity .

2. I want to connect to all devices to the computer or hardware and then share the internet connection through ICS (intenet connection sharing) or through proxy server to different machines on the Network.

3. What i studied in the literature of connection teaming /binding/ aggression from these sites

what i understood is that internet work on packets transferred through various paths from destination to source and vice versa now what i want that
this software or hardware automatically transfer package according to size traffic speed of the connection and bandwidth and transfer from source to destination.

4. I want to Share the internet connection and mange the bandwidth of internet connection by some bandwidth management software and distribute to users according to policies or filters of Bandwidth management software

4. The purpose of all this is
a)That if one connections slows down or does not work then another works and no
Internet connection fails
b) That if any one download any file in the network through Getright , Download accelerator or internet download manager or torrent it get optimum speed and different paths and isp speed to complete its download
c) to increase the speed throughput Bandwidth Efficiency Consistency of the Internet Connection sharing

THERE is a point of Multiple IP on a single Machine. As we can put multiple LAN Cards on a single machine and each LAN cards works on different IP. In case of router to it has multiple IP or different ports (routing)....There are Multilink PPP load balancing router or Load balancing softwares

Now my questions:-
1. Do any one have used or done connection teaming does it work through software
2. Any software or hardware complete step by step solution
3. Website of the software or downloads from net with their manual any link on website
4. Any solution with windows 7 ,2008 , or linux
5. Any router or hardware which is available in India which can work for the sames its details cost and weblinks?
6. Can any one tell me if Midpoint intergate surfdoubler or wingate or windows or linux software can do the work for connection bonding and teaming and heir download links with their manuals
7. Is there any solution with windows 7 for the same
8.Can u name me with their weblinks some Load balancing software with its links with manuals
9. Can u name me with their weblinks any Software routers which can work manuals
10. Can u name me with their weblinks any Multilink PPP routers which can work manuals

Thankyou in advance for reading my question and taking time for answering it

waiting anxiously for ur replies suggestions