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how to use 2 x Huawei echolife hg521 to extend wifi range

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    Default how to use 2 x Huawei echolife hg521 to extend wifi range

    have got 2 x Huawei echolife hg521 adsl routers, how can i configure them to use one as adsl modem router and the other as a access point to extend wireless range. any help welcome

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    Both are wifi routers and cannot link in wifi mode without a Rj45 connection. Check WDS mode available ?
    WDS can be used to provide two modes of wireless AP-to-AP connectivity:
    * Wireless Bridging in which WDS APs communicate only with each other and don't allow wireless clients or Stations (STA) to access them
    * Wireless Repeating in which APs communicate with each other and with wireless STA....

    If you have Windows 7 OS an application called
    "connectify" can be loaded in one laptop(1) with wlan card.
    ( usual connection to Internet via lan )
    This will act as acccess point to other laptops ( limited range )

    Above also will/may not link with HG521 (2) unit.

    TRY "connectify"and
    please give feedback item wise.

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