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BSNL Wifi Modem

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    Smile BSNL Wifi Modem

    Hi ! to the whole indiabroadband community !

    i'm a new user. Anyhow, I have been having a BSNL broadband connection and have a type I modem which i had purchased. Now I'm considering shifting to wifi for my laptop.

    should i buy a router from other companies like Belkin or Cisco or netgate? the cost of these routers i checked comes to something around 1800 which is what BSNL is also offering at. So do i go in for BSNL or other?

    Which company modem is the BSNL wifi modem? Is the range of signals good?i have a ground + 1st floor house, walls not too thick i should say.

    i read somewhere on the forum about some security deposit being adjusted in the 1800 to make it 1300 or something? can i return the type I modem?

    Lastly, Whats your say? Do i go in for the BSNL wifi modem or not guys?

    Thanks a lot in advance !!

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    Mention the present adsl modem make/number.
    Mention the OS : Windows 7/Vista/XP etc.
    Para two:
    (1) and (2)
    If on on rent )for wifi router on rent. addl deposit Rs 500/=
    rent Rs 80/=PM.What is available will be given by BSNL. I learn, they insist on outright purchase for wifi router.
    IF Modem already owned: No Exchange
    You can buy a Netgear router WGR614V9 etc.
    If you opt for an annual Tariff plan wifi router at half price .
    see above. or broadband page. FAQ45 ( BSNL links )
    You may get the same 3-in 1 adslmodem+4lanport/+ wifi router( Indian make ) SEM/TERACOM etc. for less than Rs 1800/=
    (f)search in ( for used/unused models )

    Feedback item wise.

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    Default BSNL 3G, for Laptop

    alright now i have new ideas. I'm just fully confused. .

    What if i want internet on the go for my laptop? i mean i'm anyway paying 500 a month for broadband. I saw BSNL's 3G plans. 549 a month, 1GB+5GB(night),3.2mbps. now one of my friends has got this on his ipad with the small sim. What would i have to do if i had to use this plan on my laptop? Get a 3G datacard or something? what would that cost me?Will BSNL give it ? do i insert the sim into that and then to my laptop? I'll then get internet wherever i go in India,where ever its available?

    what other options would i have for internet on the go? i wouldnt want to spend more than 600 a month and usage is a bit heavy, maybe 3-4GB a month.

    i learn that if i chose a 3G datacard (R99 datacard) my downspeed is restricted to only 384 kbps, but if i buy a HSDPA card, then the 3G plan that i mentioned above, i would get speeds of 3.6 or 7.2 mbps ? or do i also need to change my plan so as to ?

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