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how to make belkin n wireless router f5d8236-4 v2 a repeater for MTNL beetel 450tc1

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    Default how to make belkin n wireless router f5d8236-4 v2 a repeater for MTNL beetel 450tc1

    Hi guys,
    Am a complete noob as far as networking goes!
    I just changed my broadband service to MTNL (beetel 450tc1 wireless router) and am quite happy with the speeds.(1 mbps unlimited with night 2mbps)
    i had a spare router (the belkin n150) from my old connection and i have read that i can use this to amplify my wifi signal in the house.
    I use windows xp.
    i get the beetel signal in my bedroom but it is very weak (three walls but a realtively open space) and i thought of using the belkin router to amplify the signal. i want to place the belin in my drawing room
    can anyone help how i can achieve the same?
    if you need any additional details about the setup please ask...
    thanks in advance

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    See picture. (62 KB) file size

    What is the distance involved between Bedrooom and Hall?
    It is not possible to link them in wifi mode. ( WDM or WDS or WIFI repeater mode ) without any wires.

    Connect Beetel450TCI in "Always on" PPPoE Mode.
    Enable DHCP. ( Keep 450TCI at a higher height and parallel to ground. rotate for max signals in the Hall.
    ( Both Units can be positioned in same Bedroom and check reception.)

    Connect a RJ45 cable from Beetel450TC1 Lan port to Internet port of Belkins. etc.
    If you have Windows 7 OS confirm
    , and number of laptops/cell phones used.
    More on feedback.

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