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How can I increase speed of Tata photon whiz?

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    Default How can I increase speed of Tata photon whiz?

    Hi guys, I am living in a rural area and here is very poor internet services, I looked for all available internet service provider here such as BSNL, Reliance, Tata. The only one solution that I find is tata photon whiz, that work in my area with very very poor speed. All other service available in our city area, but not work in the rural area.

    I am getting speed of 0-32-40 kbps with tata photon whiz, which is very low speed. For opening any site it take lots of time and sometime if the page is very heavy, it even not open.

    Please guys help me by informing about any hack or any software that can increase my speed. I have no any other option to choose internet service provider in my location.

    Thank you in advance.

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    did u install speed plus software which came with installation cd, clear history,prefetch, cache i hope this will improve ur speed

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    maximum speed of whiz is 154 kbps. you will never get more than it. but the speed that you are saying is quite low. there is no hack or software to increase speed.

    since your speed is quite low always use opera (turbo enabled) for browsing.

    visit the website of whiz and make a complain for low speed. Earlier when i was using whiz i was also having the same problem and after making complain, on the very next day they sent their support person to me and then the speed improved a lot. the average speed that i used to get on whiz was 144kbps.

    Why dont you try BSNL Broadband?

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    @ moonheart

    1. Mention your location so that someone from your area can give better suggestions.

    2. Are you inclined to wireless broadband ? I think you can get BSNL wired broadband in almost all rural areas. I am using UL 750 which gives 512 Kbps unlimited. You can get more speed if you are willing to pay more.

    If you prefer to be on a wireless connection, you can use a GPRS connection by using your mobile as modem. The speeds are decent enough to browse. Or try BSNL WLL.

    3. Do you get full signal ?

    4. Try using Open or Google DNS and check.

    Try this guide

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    Tata Photon (or Reliance) cards do not work at full speed (Broadband/Hybrid mode) in rural areas. In such fringe areas, the speed is usually CDMA 1x or upto 144 kbps. 144 kbps (18 kB/s) is the theoratical maximum - in practical situations the speed is more like 64~96 kbps (8~12 kB/s).
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