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Wifi problems

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    Default Wifi problems

    I have installed Bullet 2 wireless device with a patch antenna. I configured it on my lapy with windows 7. Now it is showing 2 wifi signals over my nokia 5800 express music phone. one is mine ( my bsnl) and other is bsnl whenever i try to connect via my bsnl it asks for wep key an when i enter it
    connects thru bsnl 2986 and gets connected but when i open a browser it says server unauthorized.I dont know u owns Bsnl 2986

    when there is no bsnl 2986 signal and is catching (my bsnl) then it asks for network name .Even if i enter My bsnl then also it doesn't work out.

    It is working well on lapy..


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    It is working well on lapy.
    Meant for single system.
    Who is your ISP ? Bullet 2 wifi device
    More info needed. Device info or connection status page.
    The Patch antenna may be common to other users.
    Presume you have to log in to connect .

    If you have OS windows 7 download application
    "Connectify" and install in the systemLaptop A connected to Internet
    ( LAN mode or wifi mode )
    Then Laptop A will work as an access point ( * range conditions apply !)
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    Isp -- bsnl

    bullet 2 -- ubiquity manufactured device, works upto 200 mts without any great interference.

    i will try using connectify , heared a lot of this app. need to try it.

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