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    Default modem

    iam using DNA-A212 modem....and iam only able to acess LAN router......while i try configure WAN it asks me to input MTU value..iam registered to BSNL 500c plan..plz someone help

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    Check signature link Wa3002-g4 quick reference for screen shots.

    See the menu page where you enter userid/pw
    enter value 1492. or 1450 or 1452.

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    By modem, we normally mean modem cum router. It is mainly of two types

    1. Non WiFi modem

    2. WiFi modem

    Non WiFi modem is sufficient (and cheap too) if you need to connect only on PC to internet connection. You can connect more than one PC even without WiFi using a switch or in some modems with an extra USB port. If you need to WiFi at a later period, you can simply buy a WiFi router (cheaper than WiFi modem cum router) and use it with your current non WiFi modem.

    If you choose WiFi modem, it is mainly of two type

    1. b/g

    2. b/g/n

    Almost all WiFi devices support b/g and recently bought (say 2 years) support n too. n type gives better performance and range (please correct me if I am wrong) and most tablets, mobile phones, netbooks and laptops can connect to it.

    Companies like iBall, Beetel etc provide decent modems at price lower than premium brands. If you are specific about brand, choose Belkin, Linksys or Dlink modems.

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