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How to start a WISP Company

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    Default How to start a WISP Company


    I am interested in starting a Wireless Internet Service (WISP) in my city or rather in my area within a range of 2-3Kms. There are around 25-30 clients initially whom I am going to serve.

    Please guide me on how to start as WISP, the licences needed and the hardware required. One WISP is already there in my area but there services are not good, Secondly, they are not registered as an ISP and still they are providing the services, is it possible ?

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    Please type WISP in SEARCH box above. for old threads.
    give details here for queries in this post.

    can you get an adsl BB connection in your location? ISP ?

    (4) presume you are planning a service like TIKONA. Your budget.

    feedback. item wise.

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