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Legal and regulatory challenges in setting up a WISP with WiFi 802.11 last mile

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    Default Legal and regulatory challenges in setting up a WISP with WiFi 802.11 last mile

    Hi members,

    This is my first post, and I had a question I feel some of you will be able to answer, so here goes:

    What are the legal and regulatory challenges for an ISP in using WiFi 802.11 (not WiMAX) in the 2.4 GHz ISM band as an option for last mile connectivity from the uplink point to the customer premises?

    If this is legal, what would be the transmission power limit for a 802.11 device on this network? 1000mW?

    I agree there might be link fading and signal availability problems due to the noise floor and other competing devices in this band, but my question implies that this is not a concern.

    for info: the auth mechanism would be RADIUS, encryption over WPA2-PSK CCMP.

    Do you see any challenges with the WPA encryption and Indian laws?
    Any problems with using AES?

    just to answer a prospective question: WiMAX devices are very expensive

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    You need an ISP liscence if you want to start providing internet connections in India and there are different types of liscences for different purposes and areas. You can get some more insight about the license you need from here : Department of Telecommunications- Internet Service Provider

    You do not automatically get permission to use the technology of your choice once you get an ISP license as every technology is regulated apart from cable and the 2.4Ghz and 5.8Ghz bands that can be used freely.
    Tikona digital networks works the way you are looking to set up your business. Have a look at what they are doing and how and you would get a better understanding.

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