Samsung Nexus s wifi help android?
Info About Device :-

Android Version : 2.3.6
Baseband Version : I9023XXKF1
Build Number : GRK39F


Dear People ,

I am new to android , i have got new GOOGLE NEXUS S just some days ago,

Problem is when i try to connect it to my HOME wifi router Hyuwai WA1003A which is connected to WIMAX BSNL , wifi signal on nexus s screen dont get green , i tried from iphone , omnia my laptop ETC. wifi working fine on them . but not on my nexus s .

very few times it become green and internet works . but not every time .
if i switch my wifi off and enable GPRS data then E appears and became green . then i switch on wifi then wifi is also green . and internet works fine . but this trick cost me GPRS cost .

i have tried Rescue Wifi app and wififixer .. & factory reset but nothing worked .
this is really very annoying .. please guyzzz help me out . i am not able to enjoy my Nexus s .

i have tried another Wifi Modem . same problem . infact this modem and another i tried working on iphone and other devices .

my wifi is open no password or lock ... plzz help