This is the scenario. I bought an ip camera, planning to monitor my home lobby. (This is where my router is..since I will have to connect it to the LAN as this is a wired one.)
So, now since I have the dynamic ip address, I registered with DynDns and I have the update client for both DynDns and TZ0 in my Linksys WAN 160N router. Now, I enabled the "dyndns" in the linksys setup page, along with my registered username/pass/link...

Before continuing to my second question, tell me this..
My ip camera has also got a set up page, like a router and this too has the option of Dyndns update client. This is where I get puzzeled!!

Which is the device that is suppoesed to "update" the dynamic ip? Is it the router or the camera?. In my opinion it should be the router, since router is the one which gets the public ip directly from the ISP, right? So why does all these ip camera have this ddns option in their setup pagee... This doesnt make any sense!!