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Broadband connection in Chennai for 4 people

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    Default Broadband connection in Chennai for 4 people

    Hello all.. I need a broadband connection with a high speed more than 4Mbps preferably . which would be shared by 4 people in my apartment using Wifi. Can you suggest me the required infrastructure and a suitable vendor who can provide this ?

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    LSelect your plan here BSNL ISP landline based connection.
    BB Plan Selector
    BBG Combo ULD 1350 suggested.
    apply here ( no need to log in ) for new telephone and Broadband.

    Will provide one 3-in one Wireless router preset for you to go on line.
    The other three can buy same model or any other model from MERCYS shop nearby.
    One shop in ADYAR ( LB Road ) very near my house.
    (or trip to Ritchie Street Anna Salai. if nearby !)

    Mention radius of wifi activity and Height involved ( ground floor first floor etc )
    cost Rs 10,000/= approx for wifi model/s. ( 4 units )
    Presume all have Desktop or laptop wifi enabled !!!

    Promotional offer free installation, if you show one Telephone Instrument. of your own!
    Promotional offer no installation charges for BB.
    May take a week depending on locality./Exchange
    Documents Photo ID/residence proof etc if Telephone connection needed. .
    check details in nearby Telephone Exchange.

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    Mention your budget. Do you download a lot ? How much data do you need per month ?

    What is the nature of devices you use ?

    How many desktops ? How many laptops ? Which OS ?

    Any mobile devices ? If yes, how many ?

    If only one desktop and others are WiFi devices, all you need is a good WiFi router and a BSNL (cheapest) connection. ULD 1350 gives 4 Mbps upto 20GB and 512 Kbps afterwards. If you are ok with paying more there are many good options available. Use links given above.

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    Hi I'm from chennai, living heart for past 25 years. My advise is what ever internet servise provider you chose bont go for the stock equipments please buy your own modem and wifi router..... Take my advise man its realy wortn it..... Buy D'link or Netgear.

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    Appears ISPs are stopping issue of Modems routers as reported by Airtel Bsnl users either on RENT or outright purchase.
    But I found in Chennai (ADYAR) telephone exchange a person in CC center( probably a franchisee orSsales Agent ) sitting with some models ut300r2u and Smc wifi models.

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