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Netgear N150 DGN1000 in Bridge mode

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    Default Netgear N150 DGN1000 in Bridge mode


    I have a BSNL limited connection. I use night 2-8 unlimited usage to download youtube videos. I use a software to start my PC at 2 AM and start downloading and then stops the pc at 8 AM. With my previous modem provided by BSNL, I had bridged the connection and so I used to connect at 2 and disconnect at 8 using a dial-up. All the usage was not charged.

    With the new modem, i had to configure it as PPPoE. Its always connected when its on. BSNL have a bug in their data calculation. If the modem is ON and connected to Internet from say 1 45 to 2 15 AM, the data usage calculation is not computed correctly. It takes the usage after 2 and puts it in chargeable data i.e. before 2.

    So now, when I use my software to download,the downloaded data during unlimited usage is charged under chargeable usage, even though my system was OFF during that time.

    I was wondering, like my old BSNL modem, is there a way to configure Netgear N150 in bridge mode?

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    Please continue in this thread. BSNL forum.

    "Bridge mode" instructions given.


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