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Change Broadband plan in BSNL

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    Default Change Broadband plan in BSNL

    Hello sir,
    I want to change the broadband plan from Jan 1,2012.Please tell me what is the procedure for changing the plan in BSNL in Haryana.How can i change plan online?
    If i continue This plan till Jan 5,2012 then i have to pay for the Jan 1 to jan 31 or just for 5 days and after that from Jan 6 to Jan 31 according to the new plan?
    Please reply because it 2 days remaining only.
    Waiting for reply

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    I am not sure whether online application works in your circle.

    The most sureshot way is to write an application in duplicate stating which plan you wish to change to. Take the application to your telephone exchange customer care center. Take a received stamp and signature on the duplicate.

    Plan change usually takes a week.

    You will be charged pro-rata for the usage. So if you have plan A from 1st of the month till 10th and plan B from 11th till EOM, then you will be charged per plan A for 1-10 and plan B for 11-EOM.

    What is your current plan?
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    Option 1 :
    As suggested , go to your Telephone Exchange and give a written
    application to CC. ( Get a receipt or register number )
    In Chennai Circle i get a form to fill up.

    Option 2:
    Access your self care portal Loading Portal....
    Log in and( from the menu) post change of Tariff plan. USE IE browser.

    Option 3:
    Go to this link and register ONline
    Note the lead number.
    ( No need to Log in For BSNL staff only ) )

    All three options can be tried !!

    BSNL charges Plan rent & usage quota on Pro rata basis.
    Many circles effect change only from 1st.

    You may not be able to access the self care portal usually for three or four days in beginning of the month.

    if any speed variation is involved check speed from 1st Jan2012 here
    My Broadband Speed - Broadband Speed Tester

    Confirm plan changed after 3rd or 4th Jan 2012 in self care portal.

    Happy New Year .!!!

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