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Utstarcom router for beam telecom

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    Default Utstarcom router for beam telecom

    Dear All:

    I have a beam telecom connection (broadband).

    I have an old BSNL router WA3002G4 (UtStarcom manafactured).

    I wanted to configure this modem for my wireless needs.

    I went through your forum and found many articles answering most of my queries.

    But my biggest problem is that I can't even cross step1:

    After connecting my router, I enter the address: and all other possible address but the modem configuration page is not displayed.

    Each time, I see a page reading " Cannot connect to the internet".

    Please help!!

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    Greetings for the NEW Year.,

    Perhaps if you see this thread , you may get some idea. Also see link below.


    To access use the RESET switch( either in the back a small recess) or in bottom right side lrg a small round hole ) with a Ball pen refill , with Power ON on for about 20 to 30 seconds to restore factory defaults. id admin pw admin ( or pass word)
    Some modems ID support PW support or password works.

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    Default Still no progress-----

    Thanks essbebe for your help.

    Inspite of your very detailed solution, I couldn't really set up my router.

    Let me put it up in a lucid way here:-

    I have a Beam Tele broadband connection now. About a year back, I was using the BSNL BB 750 UL ( HOME) and had purchased a type 2 router (UTstarcom) Model No:- WA3002G$.

    I wanted to use my wifi through blackberry, other laptops through this same connection. For this purpose, I wanted to configure this router.

    My connection , inside the Internet Protocol settings, is set to " Obtain an IP address automatically"

    I have just connected the router to my PC ( this is working fine).

    From here on, consider me a layman and help me.

    I would also like to tell you that I have not used any installation software for the modem.

    Some how the modem Ip address is not
    Then you have to set it up like this.
    In computer Start Network LAN Properties
    Network settings page opens
    select TCP/Ip box properties.
    and (<<<=== modem gateway )
    Apply SAVE. Now try.

    When I followed the above given method, I got the following:-

    [[[[[Update Software

    Step 1: Obtain an updated software image file from your ISP.

    Step 2: Enter the path to the image file location in the box below or click the "Browse" button to locate the image file.

    Step 3: Click the "Update Software" button once to upload the new image file.

    NOTE: The update process takes about 2 minutes to complete, and your DSL Router will reboot.

    Software File Name:]]]]]]]

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    SURPRISE to me
    confirm Firmware was uploaded successfully and you can
    access the menu pages. what was the file version?
    Were you connected to Internet via Beam connection ?


    I have just connected the router to my PC ( this is working fine).
    Means Rj45 from Beam ISP connected to LAN 1 of WA3002_g4 and another
    Rj45 connected to ethernet port of Desktop. confirm.

    Confirm the wifi LED is "blinking"!

    In Modem Advanced Options/Lan menu
    Enable DHCP give a range to say

    In Wireless Page
    4. Ensure Wireless button is enabled. ( basic)
    5. Check any SSID name entered usually BSNL
    6. Security Code default usually WEP 1234567890 0r 0987654321.

    SAVE Reboot wait for 2 minutes.

    Please reply Item wise.
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