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India's own email services.

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    Default India's own email services.

    India has three very good email services which are very able to "Compete " to email services like Gmail and hotmail.

    please use : : 10Gb inboxes. Pop, forwarding. special email id which makes you so proud. : 10gb inboxes. Free sms on its Bol messenger. email. : Unlimited email service. Free sms from inbox. Mail on sms.

    Recently, sifymail shifted to Google Apps, so its basically Gmail @

    Btw, i am on

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    Although there maybe other email services, I dont think that any would be able to come as far as Google, simply because of the brand name and kind of service it provides for the account users. In the past I have had many emails accounts and to be honest the safest and best service has been from Gmail.

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    indiatimes and are no longer operational. Most Indians use Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail. I use gmx through thunderbird client. flawless operation.
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    The best free email service is from Google at the moment. It is very difficult for someone to snoop into your computer if you use Gmail Even the external images are loaded using Google's proxy. Unless you click a link that contains tracking code there is no way to find out info about the recipient. No other email provider (free) comes even close to Gmail when it comes to security and spam filtration.

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