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How To Increase Internet Speed

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    Are you a regular internet user and sick of slow internet downloads or WebPages taking ages to open or you are experiencing continuous internet disconnections? Then you are in luck because there are a lot of useful tips and software out there to help you increase internet speed to give you an awesome internet experience.

    The following are some suggestions that you may follow to increase internet speed of your computer:

    1. Install antivirus:

    Viruses can drastically tamper with your computer's performance slowing down your internet speed. Hence, it is highly advisable to install a good antivirus software or an anti-spyware program and scan your machine to get rid of any malware.

    2. Free up bandwidth:

    If you are a windows operating system user, then you probably may or may not know that your windows operating system reserves 20% bandwidth for its own usage.
    This is quite a substantial amount of bandwidth which can prove to be very useful to you if unlocked and there is a way to just do that.

    1. Go to your windows start button click on it and type “run”; then hit Enter.
    2. Type gpedit.msc in the run text field and a system window called Group Policy will pop up.
    3. Expand the Local Computer policy directory.
    4. Next go to Computer configuration directory >> Administrative templates >> Network >> QOS Packet scheduler >> Limited reservable bandwidth.
    5. Click the Limited reservable bandwidth option
    6. It is set to the option "Not configured" by default but actually it is using 20% of the bandwidth. Check "Enabled" option and set the bandwidth to either 5% or 0%; however, it is advisable to set it to 5%.
    7. Click on the Apply button & then OK; and you are done.

    3. Reduce running add-ons on your browser:

    On your web browser check to see whether you have multiple add-ons running. Though useful, these add-ons can also affect your browser's webpage loading speed.
    If you are using Firefox or Internet Explorer browser go to "Tools >> Manage add-ons” and disable any add-ons that are of no use to you.

    4. Disable automatic updates:

    Whenever you are on the internet, most of your installed applications will start accessing the internet; looking for updates to install and can end up consuming a lot of bandwidth.

    To increase your internet speed, first of all disable your operating system "Auto update" function then disable auto update in all your installed programs or set them to manual updates.

    5. Install internet tweak applications:

    They are a variety of both free and commercial internet tweak applications available that one can install to increase internet speed.
    For example, the following is one internet tweak application that might be useful to you:


    This is a very easy to use application to optimize the Firefox browser.
    Just install it and follow the following steps:

    i. Make sure that your Firefox browser is closed

    ii. Click on the Create back up configuration option to create a backup of all your important information such as cookies, bookmarks and history that is contained within the Firefox browser.

    iii. Then choose the settings that are favourable to your requirements and system configuration. You can also click on the "Other optimizations" and "Other useful settings" buttons for further settings.

    iv. Finally, click on the "Tune it" button and Firetune should increase internet speed of your Firefox browser.

    It is very important to increase internet speed. Especially if you are the type of person that uses internet to run your business, contact customers or write blogs because in such situation time is money and speed means everything.

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    I like your second point its amazing and not every one think like deep as you have done and well shared at relevant place

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    Thankx dude the second point was unknown to me...i knew rest...thnks a lot it was awesome...!
    By Comgod - Samit

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    Cool Re how to increase internet speed

    Quote Originally Posted by samit View Post
    Thanks dude the second point was unknown to me...i knew rest...thnks a lot it was awesome...!
    Same here dude. The second point is really unknown to me, but I do really appreciate the other points. There are a lots of applications which makes the internet connection slower. I installed the utorent in my pc; but I found that it automatically started downloading and uploading, besides there are many unnecessary applications which update automatically. We have to be cautious of these. You can easily identify the applications by using some software. I found the following pot very helpful -- darktips [dot com] /find-out-which-application-is-slowing-your-internet-connection

    Thanks a lot

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    Thanks for the good article.I try this steps and checkout my internet speed at amazing its working for me..
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