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How to connect my laptop with external Wifi ?

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    Default How to connect my laptop with external Wifi ?

    So here is my problem friends,

    I am having a broadband connection of airtel with Wifi modem supplied by the company, I used to run it on my acer laptop using its Wifi card but now that card is out of order & I just cant sit with a cable attached near to the modem, I need a external Wifi, can I have some thing that I can attach on the USB of my laptop and run my internet. I am not much into these technologies issue so I really dont know what to buy, specifications if any & where to buy ? If some one can tell me about any such product in detail I will be thankful.....i am having an aver 4530 laptop with win XP SP 3 in pls

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    There are wireless LAN cards available for the laptop. These are of two types. The first one (of the older technology) is a PCMCIA wireless LAN card. It hooks the PCMCIA slot on the side of the laptop. It looks like the following:


    The other one is a USB card and looks like any USB dongle. Search on eBay for offers.
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