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Unlocked Huawei e173

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    Default Unlocked Huawei e173

    Hello All,

    I just bought an Unlocked Huawei e173 from ebay. I just wanted to get good 3G internet. I am new to this country and thought if I buy an unlocked modem I will have the freedom to put whatever GSM based 3G SIM cards that I want. But when I go to the local stores here in Bangalore, no body seem to be selling a 3G SIM separately. For example, they want me to take a regular SIM card or purchase the dongle. Is that what you do with your unlocked modem if you want to use only data. How do I buy a sim for an unlocked modem?

    In any case, I finally took a Docomo SIM card, activated 3g on it placing it in my cellphone. Then recharged for 1000 rupees. The guy told me it will give me up to 7.2 Mbps speed for first 5 GB and then unlimited usage after that at 128kbps. I went home.. connected my Huawei e173 with the Docomo SIM. Started the internet.. I was amazed by the speed. I was getting speeds up to 5.6 Mbps.. I was pretty impressed. But suddenly after about 1.25 GB of download, the internet completely stopped. I called up Docomo customer care and they told me my balance is zero. Later I found out that the guy who recharged my SIM for a 1000 rupees did an ordinary mobile recharge which give me 1.25 GB of data and 2000 minutes talk time. The Customer care guy told me I need to do a "3G estick special recharge" to get the dongle packages. I went to Docomo website and choose the package I want and clicked the purchase button. It asked me to enter my 10 digit number. When I did, it tells me that package can not be recharged on my number. Instead what is available are the regular 1000 rupee plans for mobile SIM cards...

    What am I missing..? How do I use the unlocked 3g modem I have and make use of 3G SIM from various GSM providers and get the benefit of 3G internet packages for those dongles...? Can someone tell me this...

    Someone please help... Thanks

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    Ah!!! after 130 views and no response I finally got the answer from JustDial.

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    Those 130 views dont necessarily mean views by registered members as it included search engine bots and new visitors who are here to find resolutions for their issues.

    Your best bet is speaking to Tata docomo customer care. Give them a call and tell them the whole story and get them to convert your sim card to data only and if possible use your sim card balance towards the data plan you want.

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