My desktop (Win7 OS) is connected to a Teracom wifi router/modem (BSNL broadband) thru cable LAN and works perfectly.
My HP laptop showed all wireless networks in range and automatically connected to BSNL_AP network.
Everything was fine till 2 days ago.
Now When I select BSNL_AP and click on connect, nothing happens.
I have feed in the WEP key in Wireless Network properties to log into BSNL_AP everytime.
Settings in Laptop's TCIP properties are
IP address :
Default gateway:
Preferred DNS
Alternate Dns

The PC icon in the taskbar displays the radiating arcs.
But I'm unable to browse the net.
After a little while the net connection drops and I get a message "unable to connect to preferred wireless network".
When I use the repair connection option, I get a message to check the network adapter.

What could be the likely problem and how can I fix it? All help appreciated.